New Start, Jekyll

This is a brand new start that I have host this Jekyll blog on Github.

New technology, new blog, and new life.

It is actually a little bit complicate to deploy this Jekyll thing. There were some work to do with updating Ruby and gem. I feel so lucky that I am using OS X, it would be extremely hard if I was using a Windows operation System. For those who do not know, Jekyll is actually a blog framework written in Ruby and you can deploy the whole system locally. It is very simple, you can edit all your posts with markdown code and your page will be automatically generate in html. Framework means highly customizable. Since your whole blog is in static pages, we can host the whole thing on GitHub, free and fast. There are many How-to’s on the Internet. So google them and make your own blog!

Thanks a lot for Jekyll developers! Thanks very much for Ruby developers! Thanks Linus for your Git! (I think that’s the only name here I know.) Thank you GitHub and GitHub pages! Thank you markdown developers! Many thanks for those who helped me during this process! I modified my template from 无网不剩 at the beginning. Then I found the one by Yihui Xie and love it so much. From there I got a homepage design, and from his resource setlmpl’s commit in the past got the template I am using. There are still many things that need your suggestions!

Believe in a better tomorrow! It is Aug. 15 again, I am gonna quote this at the end:


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